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The legendary book sprint method has come through again! This past week in a bunker, I mean, secure location near Annapolis, a team of security experts got together to write the OpenStack Security Guide. I’m (Read more...)

TweetAdrian Baniak has written an article (3 Ways to Engage with Today’s Empowered Consumer) about how brands can “cut through the clutter” and communicate with their customers and…

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My contract job with Headway Themes involves developing some API documentation. Several Headway APIs enable developers to highly customize their own WordPress websites or create reusable tools for other Headway users. This is my first (Read more...)

At some stage or another, a technical communicator is likely to have seen this image from Kathy Sierra: In her blog post from 2006, she said: Why do so many companies treat potential users so much…

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For more than seven years, I’ve accumulated my technical writing experience in the software development industry. As a result, I’ve developed a somewhat narrow view of what technical writing is. You may have noticed that (Read more...)